Mariano Ramirez Zermeno

Mariano Ramirez Zermeno , Physical Therapist (Lonoke Physical Therapy)

Mariano is one of our therapists at Lonoke Physical Therapy. Mariano lived in Mexico until he was six years old when he and his family moved to Lonoke, AR, where all of his immediate family still currently resides. In his free time, you can find him playing outdoor soccer or watching it on TV, and spending quality time with his wife and family. His favorite place to travel is San Felipe, Guanajuato, Mexico and if he had to choose just one meal to eat for the rest of his life it would be pizza and fries. Mariano is happiest whenever he’s able to hang out with his wife and family members. His top life highlights include marrying his best friend, being a first-generation college graduate, and passing his PT boards. His favorite thing about working at Lonoke Physical Therapy is the calm, relaxed, and fun environment that all of the employees at Lonoke Physical Therapy create.