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Patient Results

  • After and automotive accident, I had nerve damage in my left shoulder, my pelvis was broken in 3 places, and I’d had multiple internal surgeries. I started therapy at ProMotion Physical therapy in February in a wheelchair. Now, in March, I’m walking without help. I would recommend this center because of their knowledge. They know how to keep you motivated to do all of the strength training exercises needed to get well. I can honestly say I never felt any pain in any of my sessions. Being sore and achy afterwards is just part of the experience. Being able to walk and getting my independence back after only 5 weeks is truly amazing. The staff is excellent at what they are trained to do. Hats off!

  • Feb. 1st. I fractured my femur and radial head. Mid-March I started PT at ProMotion. I have improved so much! When I started I could barely walk and my arm was extremely weak. Through the sessions here I’ve regained almost all the strength in my arm and I’m walking without a limp, plus no pain! The crew here is very professional . . . they know their business, but are all very personable and fun. Thanks everyone for making me whole again.

  • I feel 100% better since I started coming here. There are some things I could not do before that I can now: I can hold onto things better. I can turn my neck easier. I am getting around better than before, too. I am not having as much pain as before. I can’t complain.

    When I came here, I couldn’t even raise my arms. Now I can turn my neck easier and with no pain. I can do everything I could before, and really I feel 10 years younger!

  • I came in about a month ago with some extensive back pain (and my left hip). I was to the point where I was losing sleep at night and couldn’t even ride in a vehicle for more than 10 minutes. I was drastically reduced in my physical state. Coming to LPT was an iffy choice because it would be my third time in physical therapy for my back and hip issues. Upon my arrival, I was instantly greeted with professionalism and kindness. After the first week, and truthfully the first day, I began to improve a lot. Matt was able to get my SI joint back in place on day one. Then, I was blessed by Zan’s strength training for 3 weeks. This has ultimately led to this point of 100% recovery and satisfaction. Thanks again for making me feel 22 again!

  • When I first came in, the pain was severe on the right side of my spine. I could not ride my lawn mower. I could not tie my shoes. I could not reach for anything. I had to have someone help me do almost everything. Now, the last 2 times I rode my lawn mower, I had no pain whatsoever. I have no pain tying my shoes. I have no sharp pain in my spine or my back, and even the sore spots are gone as of today.

  • When I came to ProMotion, I could not stand, sit, or walk for more than 10 minutes. Now, I can stand, sit, walk, bend down, and even lift some things. I was not able to do any of this 6 weeks ago. Thanks to all the staff for all the support and attention in all the right places. I feel better today than I have in over a year and a half.

  • After hurting my hips, I was in severe pain as soon as I got up in the morning. Sometimes I could not walk because of the pain. I went to work in pain almost every day. My job requires standing and walking on concrete floors, so the pain just seemed to get worse. After 6 weeks of therapy on my back and hips, I am now able to push, pull, lift, and get in and out of bed with no pain. Also, I am able to do what I love best- to fish- without any problems. Thanks to everyone at ProMotion Physical Therapy.

  • After having surgery for compression on my spinal cord at C3 and C4, I was having extreme difficulty with the mobility in my neck. Even the what would normally be the simplest of tasks was difficult, especially driving. After 15 therapy sessions at ProMotion, I have experienced an incredible improvement in the mobility of my neck. This has made things like driving and communicating with people easier because I can rotate my neck. Thanks to all the staff at ProMotion for all they have done.

  • My neck pain has improved. I am now able to look over my shoulder while driving. I also have less stiffness and tightness while sleeping, and there is also less popping and cracking in my neck. My back pain has also been reduced. The tightness and stiffness is also much better. The pain is not as constant. The crushing pain while trying to sleep has been greatly reduced. Overall, my neck and back pain have improved greatly. I am now much more flexible and I have seen an overall increase in range of motion. My body feels much better, and my attitude towards my body has improved. I am considerably better.

  • I came in on crutches and I was hardly able to walk unassisted. After only 5 sessions, I was able to walk normally, crouch, kneel, climb ladders, and perform all of my other duties as a manual laborer.

  • I can dress myself without my shoulder hurting. I can reach for something on a shelf with no pain. I can drive and turn the steering wheel easier and without pain. I can pull the covers over myself when I go to sleep now. In short, I am doing great.

  • I am doing much better than when I started therapy. I was able to put a rubber band in my hair for the first time in a while this morning. I can reach into cabinets to get food and dishes out much easier than before. I can put the sheets on my bed with no pain. The pain in my feet is also much better.

  • Since I started therapy at ProMotion, climbing steps has become easier. I haven’t had any falls recently. I can now stand up without using my hands. My legs do not hurt as bad when I wash the dishes. I can also stand for longer periods of time before I get tired and need to rest.

  • I can do all my housework now: I can clean the house. I can help my husband with cleaning the patio. I can wash my car and do other outside work.

  • The results I have seen since beginning therapy: I have gained strength and have reduced pain. I can lift myself out of a chair. The simple movement of putting on a jacket is now easier. I can change position in bed, and I am able to sleep on my left side again. I can pull my pants on with no difficulty, using both arms. I can also put on my socks and shoes, which was very difficult with only one hand. I am doing better with carrying things, and I can even open doors without having to put things down first. The constant throbbing has decreased, and the sharp pain with movement has also decreased greatly.

  • When I came to therapy, I was not able to close my hand and make a fist. I could not open my medicine bottles. I could not change the sheets on my beds. I could not take pots off of the stove. Now, I can do all these things. In other words, coming here has made me able to function normally again. Thank all of you very much.

  • I have marked improvement with balance and coordination. My strength is also up quite a bit. My stamina is markedly improved. I have very little if any significant discomfort. ProMotion Physical Therapy has great staff with near individual instructions. They give encouragement and I can see daily improvement. I will continue with the exercise program to remain in decent shape. I have suggested your facility to several patients.

  • I have no pain and only minimum weakness in my right hip now. I am able to go up and down stairs without the railing. I can walk 2 to 3 blocks. My range of motion is almost within normal limits. I am able to do most activities of daily life and housework such as laundry.

  • I started therapy due to a total knee replacement on 2/16/2017. I started on a walker for less than a week, managed to lose it and go straight to walking without assistance because of the help from LPT. I’m now walking, gardening, doing yard work, driving, exercising, and shopping, all with no trouble. I can bend, sit, and squat, too. LPT has done a great job in helping me recover, and quicker than I expected.

  • After my total knee replacement, I had little hope of me having a normal life. LPT has been a huge success in my recovery. Because of them, I now have full rotation of my knee. I have no trouble or pain with anything. I can walk, exercise, cook, and clean–pretty much everything. I’m now able to take my dog on his first walk with me. LPT has brought me so much hope on getting my life back. Now, because of them, I am myself again.

  • Over the weekend, I was able to ride m y riding lawn mower and 4-wheeler. Before, the vibration would irritate my back but now I can actually ride them with no trouble. I can also tell that my walking has really improved, my leg doesn’t sting or feel numb anymore either, and I’m not limping or using my cane anymore. LPT has done great in helping me.

  • My experience with LPT was very successful. When I entered the facility, I had little hope of getting the pain in my back and neck decreased, but after just 2 weeks of physical therapy, my neck was much improved. I had not been able to bend my lower back in months without pain. With the help of LPT and staff I am now able to perform daily tasks with little to no pain. I can now pick up objects and walk and stretch without pain. I can run and bicycle and play with the children I work with. Thank you!

  • Now that my therapy has come to a bittersweet ending, it’s with great pleasure that I say that I’m now 100% better. I can finally ride the bike, which I enjoy doing, and my walking has greatly improved. The strength in my legs has greatly improved. The strength in my legs has greatly increased, too. I can kick and pick up my legs. I no longer have trouble with my balance, either. When I first started, I had a cane, but now I am completely cane-free. LPT has given me my life back. Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff for this amazing opportunity.

  • About a month ago, I could barely move. After 4 weeks of therapy, I’m now pain free. I have no problems rotating my neck. I really appreciate LPT for helping me and teaching me on how to better myself. My daily tasks are no longer issues, traveling is no longer a pain anymore, and I just overall feel better.

  • Before therapy, the littlest things such as opening a jar or a door would exhaust me. But now, after therapy, I can spend 30 minutes on my treadmill. My hands are much stronger. Therapy has helped me gain my confidence back because I’m now able to achieve my goal of being a dog trainer. My whole body feels better. LPT has been a great experience. The staff has been wonderful in motivating me to become the stronger woman I am now.

  • ProMotion Physical Therapy has been an amazing experience for me! I came in to seek treatment for my rotator cuff, which I had recently hurt at football practice. After five weeks of treatment, I could throw better and take contact as well. I could also pick up heavy objects and work overhead once again. My shoulder pain has decreased tremendously and healed better than before. Here at therapy I received great information and learned new things about the body. Every visit was a success because I got better and received a lot of laughing. There’s so much love and care here at therapy and I encourage you to try it for yourself. I count this adventure a success.

  • Since beginning therapy after my total knee replacement, I have improved in walking without my walker and cane, grocery shopping on my own, and doing my normal housework. I am nearly completely off all pain medicine.

  • I am so happy with the progress I have achieved with the help of my amazing therapist, Matt, and the staff at ProMotion Physical Therapy. I was a little apprehensive when I first came in after my knee replacement. My knee was painful, swollen, and very stiff. Through my therapy here, I can bend, run, walk, and sleep with no pain. Hallelujah! I am pleased and excited to be able to enjoy the physical activities I did before my knee problems; especially riding ATVs, kayaking, hiking, and playing with my grandsons. Thanks to ProMotion, I can get back to life! Thank you!

  • When I came in, I was having trouble sitting, standing, sleeping–everything. Six weeks later I am able to do all of the above with little to no pain. I have learned how to properly exercise!

  • When I came in for therapy, my left heel was tender and I was having trouble walking and putting weight on it. I can now successfully walk my normal 3.2 miles in the morning, and have no problem walking and staying on my feet during the day at my job. Elizabeth did a very good job at keeping me motivated.

  • I was having trouble reaching for items to my right side and behind me. So after 3 weeks of therapy, today I had no trouble reaching for items and getting ready and dressed this morning for work. I can also tell that I’m getting stronger in my right arm. I can really feel a difference.

  • I came in with my lower back, left leg, and left hip hurting and bothering me to the extreme that I couldn’t do anything. Since coming here, I noticed a lot of my pain was fading away. The staff here are very helpful and conscious of your pain to make it easier on you. I am very thankful for all they did to help rid me of a lot of pain. I recommend to anyone that has any pain to come in and try it.

  • Second time around with therapy and it is working great and got the same sweet person that helped me the first time. Everyone is so great here and if someone needs therapy I would tell them about Lonoke. Now I can do more with my left arm than ever before like putting it behind my back and straight up and not hurt too much. I want to thank everyone here for being so nice and helpful to me to get me where I am today. Thank you everyone.


  • I can walk again!!!! Staying on my feet throughout my 10 hour work day is much easier now. Better mobility for climbing in and out of the 18 wheelers at work and also able to get down on the floor for inspecting under trucks.


  • Torn rotator cuff – trouble dressing and washing hair were my main issues. Matt was a FANTASTIC therapist. Therapy seemed to go amazingly well. It is nice to be able to lift, stretch and do the “daily maintenance” of getting ready without any pain. Matt also gave me great ideas of things to do at home to continue strengthening my shoulder. Love Lonoke PT! Thanks!


  • I have came a long way since my surgery. I now can eat, wash my hair, and brush my teeth using my right hand. I can move my arm and do my exercises without pain. It feels wonderful!


  • When I started physical therapy, I was always in pain with every activity I participated in. I was experiencing numbness along with pain in my legs, hips and lower back. When I came to therapy, I was greeted by a loving, caring and understanding group of therapists. With their dedication to rehabilitating me into good health, I am glad to say that I do not experience these symptoms anymore. Thanks to the staff at Lonoke Physical Therapy, I might be able to participate in my senior year of football. I don’t think that would be possible without this great group of therapists. Now that my therapy is over with, I plan on visiting Lonoke PT and updating them on my current condition. Thanks again to everyone who has made my experience at Lonoke Physical Therapy a great one.


  • Following a cardiac surgery and subsequent stroke, I had very limited or almost no use of left arm, left hand, left wrist and left leg. I am now able to grasp and lift objects with my left hand and have greatly improved motor functions of my entire left arm, wrist and hand. At the onset of therapy, I required a cane to walk even short distances. I am now able to stay on my feet for extended periods and walk normal distances without use of cane.

    M. S.

  • Thanks to you all for making this physical therapy experience one that has been worth my time and effort! The pain I was experiencing was keeping me from enjoying life and after the hard work on your part, my life is back on track!


  • Since coming to therapy, I can put my shoes on, eat with my right hand, wash my hair, brush my teeth, after four weeks, I can cook again, I can move my arm without pain and it feels wonderful, I can work in my yard, and I can do my exercise without pain. After two weeks my feet are feeling better, I have less tingling, less soreness, and I can sleep at night because of less pain.


  • I came to LPT not being able to bend, squat, etc., because of knee surgery. Today I can officially say, I CAN DO EVERYTHING that I set out to do because of all the help from Lonoke Physical Therapy! I will miss you all. Thank you!!


  • I could not touch my toes before my physical therapy sessions. TODAY I DID! That might seem like a minor thing, but to me it’s not. Everyone was so awesome here. I’m glad I came. It has made my life so much better. Thank you all.


  • All the problems with my shoulder worked out fine. Stephen was the best to work with for my problem. I would not go anywhere else. Everyone was the best. All friendly staff. Just great folks!”