Stroke Rehabilitation

After a stroke, your body may feel weak or unable to respond to what you want to do. The CDC reports that it is the fifth leading cause of death among Americans, and is a leading cause of adult disability. A stroke can lead to many different disabilities or deficits, including difficulty with walking and mobility, speech and cognitive deficits, vision problems or difficulties with following objects or tracking, dizziness or balance disturbances, weakness, and joint pain due to abnormal movement patterns.

Recovery After Stroke

In order to achieve the best possible results, our physical therapists will tailor a rehabilitation plan to suit your specific needs. Whether you or a family member has difficulty walking, standing, or moving, or has pain and discomfort from abnormal movement patterns, our team of physical therapist will work with you to provide training for strength, balance, and coordination improvements to allow you to return to the highest possible level of function after your stroke.

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