Dave’s Tabasco Sauce

David Brannon
Dave’s Tabasco Sauce

1 quart, red Tabasco peppers
¼ c salt

Pack peppers in a quart jar; add salt and vinegar to cover. Store in the refrigerator for 14 days. Strain vinegar from peppers and save. Blend peppers and additional ¼ c salt well. Place back in jar and add saved vinegar. Refrigerate another seven days. Remove from refrigerator and blend peppers and vinegar well. Strain through a fine wire mesh strainer to separate solids (seeds) from liquid. Dispose of seeds or save for flavoring chili, beans, etc. Additional vinegar may be added to liquid to control hotness. Bottle does not require refrigeration.

Same recipe may be used for other type of peppers: habaneros, cayenne, serrano, etc. It’s best to wear gloves while working with peppers.