June 9th, 2020

On January 9th 2020, I fell 20 feet from a tree stand. My life changed tremendously at that moment. I had compound fractures to my tibia and fibula, broke 2 bones in my back, broken nose, cracked my patella, and cracked my sternum. I was unable to walk, bend over, dress myself, or pretty much anything else. I spent 7 days in ICU and 7 days in rehab. When I left rehab I was at least able to barely get around with a walker. 10 days later I started physical therapy at Lonoke Physical Therapy. Matt and Zan put a plan together to get me back to normal. It worked. Last week I spent 4 days in the hills of Missouri turkey hunting. I was just hoping to simply be well enough to go into the woods. I never expected to be able to walk up and down mountains in such a short time after my accident. I am back to work and pretty much back to 100 percent. I thank God for his healing power and I thank God for Matt, Zan, and the whole staff at Lonoke Physical Therapy. I walked in wanting to get better and they did their part to make sure it happened.