WorkSTEPS ® Post Offer Employment Testing

Post Offer Employment Testing

Lonoke Physical Therapy and ProMotion Physical Therapy are certified WorkSTEPS providers with 5 certified physical therapists that utilize technology developed by WorkSTEPS to perform pre-employment post-offer testing.

“Pre-Employment Post-Offer Testing represents the core of the WorkSTEPS program, and is administered to determine whether or not a job candidate can safely perform the essential functions of the position he or she has been offered. This test is administered after an official offer of employment has been made, but before the candidate officially begins work in the capacity of his or her new position. The Comprehensive Pre-Employment Post-Offer test includes the following components:

  • Medical history review with a clinician
  • A series of comprehensive medical measurements
  • Strength measures
  • Dynamic lifting & progressive lifting sequence
  • Cardiovascular measures
  • Essential job functions testing demonstrating the capability to safely perform the essential functions of his or her job.

The information gathered through the post offer employment testing will document and quantify pre-existing conditions and cumulative traumas, and is invaluable when used as a baseline for comparison should there ever be an injury and/or rehabilitation necessary.” – ©WorkSTEPs, Inc.