In attaining its high stature in the physical therapy industry and in aspiring to long-term expansion and even greater service to customers and community, Lonoke Physical Therapy’s and ProMotion Physical Therapy’s standards of employee skill, competence and teamwork are and shall remain among the highest in the field. We offer a competent, trained and motivated work force in a friendly working environment. Our physical therapist is hard working and is able to get things done, like helping people, and are happiest when doing so.


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“I was in the hospital for 3 months due to a car wreck and broke both of my legs. Since I have been out of the hospital I’m able to walk more than what I could thanks to ProMotion. I was able to go to my aunts apartment and went up 17 steps with no

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- L.L.

I am now able to walk better, go up stairs, squat and bend my knee 120 degrees.

- A.C.

When I first came to therapy I was just barely walking and hurting really bad. Couldn’t even do Walmart without hurting really bad. Now I can raise my arms. Before I could barely do housework or make my bed and I am now functional and able to do things. I have learned how to do

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- E.C.

When I first came in a week ago I was experiencing back spasms and arthritic type back pain. This week the spasms are gone and my overall pain is much better. The flexibility overall in my body is better so I’m very pleased with the therapy at ProMotion. The staff is very accommodating!

- M.E.

I’m doing really well. Therapy is helping me and I’ve improved since starting therapy. On a scale of 1-10, being able to stand from a seated position, I’m about a 7 now! I’m looking forward to more visits to have time for even more improvements.

- R.W.

When I came in two weeks ago I was in terrible pain. Now I can move my neck, the therapy works. This is the second time I’ve come here and I can do my sweeping and making beds and whatever needs to be done and the people here are good and helpful.

- I.W.

I can walk most importantly. I can move around better. My knee has more strength. Putting shoes and pants on is easier now. My overall mobility has progressed with every visit.

- K.M.

Since starting physical therapy, I can bend and straighten my leg/knee. I am able to walk at a normal pace & gait, without dragging my injured leg. I’ve only completed 2 days of therapy, but I’ve improved drastically! This has helped to ensure that my transition to work/life balance is easy. My concerns with being

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- T.B.

“After the accident, we both experienced back pain, leg pain and shoulder pain. We are halfway through our therapy, and are on the way being back at out strength prior to the accident. The staff at ProMotion is wonderful and very resourceful when it comes to the treatment and anatomy of the body. I trust

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- T.B. and E.B.

I am able to . . .  1. Cook Supper 2. Go out to eat 3. Go to the beauty shop 4. Do laundry 5. Put my socks and shoes on the left side 6. Stay sitting up to watch a whole movie

- P.W.

“I was getting my dinner together to take to the couch and I was able to carry my food while not using my cane and I didn’t have any issues! When I was done I was able to stand back up and walk to the kitchen  without any issues again. I’m able to use my

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We offer a Light Force Class IV Laser. Please call our office to learn more!

Laser treatment


At Lonoke Physical Therapy & ProMotion Physical Therapy, we strive to provide the most advanced therapy techniques to get you back to a better feeling you.


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If you are suffering from pain that’s holding you back from a healthy, active life, you can fill out the consult form to request your free consultation, or you can call our office for more information.



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