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Expert physical therapists achieving outstanding results in North Little Rock & Lonoke, AR

In attaining its high stature in the physical therapy industry and in aspiring to long-term expansion and even greater service to customers and community, Lonoke Physical Therapy’s and ProMotion Physical Therapy’s standards of employee skill, competence and teamwork are and shall remain among the highest in the field. We offer a competent, trained and motivated work force in a friendly working environment. Our physical therapist is hard working and is able to get things done, like helping people, and are happiest when doing so.

According to the nationally recognized functional outcomes assessment tool, Lonoke Physical Therapy has been found to be rated above the national average in completion and effectiveness, thereby, gaining higher functional improvements than predicted, with our patients. We are also rated by our patients with an overall high satisfaction rate of 98%, as evidenced by this patient’s review of her experience at Lonoke Physical Therapy.

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Each month we have a drawing for a Wal-Mart gift card for our patients that refer people to us. Get in the game and get the word out. The more people you refer, the more chances you have to win.

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What patients say

  • All the problems with my shoulder worked out fine. Stephen was the best to work with for my problem. I would not go anywhere else. Everyone was the best. All friendly staff. Just great folks!”

  • Following a cardiac surgery and subsequent stroke, I had very limited or almost no use of left arm, left hand, left wrist and left leg. I am now able to grasp and lift objects with my left hand and have greatly improved motor functions of my entire left arm, wrist and hand. At the onset of therapy, I required a cane to walk even short distances. I am now able to stay on my feet for extended periods and walk normal distances without use of cane.

    M. S.
  • Since coming to therapy, I can put my shoes on, eat with my right hand, wash my hair, brush my teeth, after four weeks, I can cook again, I can move my arm without pain and it feels wonderful, I can work in my yard, and I can do my exercise without pain. After two weeks my feet are feeling better, I have less tingling, less soreness, and I can sleep at night because of less pain.

  • I have came a long way since my surgery. I now can eat, wash my hair, and brush my teeth using my right hand. I can move my arm and do my exercises without pain. It feels wonderful!