In attaining its high stature in the physical therapy industry and in aspiring to long-term expansion and even greater service to customers and community, Lonoke Physical Therapy’s and ProMotion Physical Therapy’s standards of employee skill, competence and teamwork are and shall remain among the highest in the field. We offer a competent, trained and motivated work force in a friendly working environment. Our physical therapist is hard working and is able to get things done, like helping people, and are happiest when doing so.


Martha Palton

When I first came in, I was scared and thought I was going to have surgery. But now I’m pain free!!! Thanks, Lonoke Physical Therapy. 

- M.P.

Susan Wiles

Since beginning therapy for hip pain, I have better balance, circulation and have more support in my legs. 

- S.W.

Mr. Randy

I am now able to brush my teeth, comb and wash my hair and put my belt on. I can drive the backhoe and tractor and I am sleeping.

- R.S.

Roy Faucett

Mr. Roy came to Lonoke Physical Therapy after total knee replacement. He is walking better, doing the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, bending over to get stuff, sleeping better, getting in and out of the car, and can get off the floor without help.

- R.F.

Ms. Renee

Ms. Renee started therapy in mid August. At the time, she was unable to lift her right arm above her head without assistance from her left hand. She was unable to rest at night due to pain. After 5 therapy visits with Cody, she is now lifting her arm independently, has very mild pain and

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- R.H.

Ms. Diann came to Lonoke Physical Therapy following hip surgery. She is now able to get in bed without helping her leg, can walk a lot better long distances without swaying, is climbing stairs and standing for longer periods of time.

- D.W.

Ms. Lora has officially graduated from her physical therapy treatment with Cody. She is now able to walk from room to room without pain. She learned through her physical therapy experience that stretching is strengthening. 

- L.G.

I can actually step up onto steps now. A few days ago I was able to walk down to the store and back, then down to my son’s house and back. I can make my bed without cringing in pain. It has also gotten easier to wash dishes without pain also.

- B.K.


Therapy was awesome. Everyone was very nice and concerned about your care and needs, so if I ever need physical therapy, this is my choice of comfort. My condition has improved greatly. I can walk and maintain my daily life with much more ease.

“I’ve started building the strength back in my shoulder. My pain has not been as prominent day to day.”

- Ms. Sara Beth

Bradley has been working with Mariano after tendon surgery on his ankles. He is in less pain, it’s much easier to walk, he has more range of motion and more strength. 

- Bradley

Mr. Roy has been working with Cody after having total knee replacement. He is able to walk better, can bend his leg, stand longer and do household chores.

- Mr. Roy

“Before I came, I was limping. The pain I had brought me to tears at times. The doctor had me on medication, but I HATED the way I felt on them. Since starting PT, I’ve learned different exercises to not only decrease the pain but also to strengthen the muscles. I’m walking without limping. My

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- Mrs. Aaron

“I was able to walk around the outlet mall and down to the Branson Landing and I was able to keep up the pace with my family. I was able to walk through the new aquarium. My breathing has gotten better and I can also stoop down now. My kids were bragging about how well

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- Mrs. Carolyn

“Walking has gotten better and I can get in and out of my car now. Bending is easier. I’m now walking without crutches or any assistance. The fear and pain have both gotten better! At first I was nervous about therapy. I feel so much better now about it. Without everyone’s help, most of all

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- Ms. Candace

“When I am at work, I can lift more things over my head. I can also carry heavier things.” 

- Rosie


At Lonoke Physical Therapy & ProMotion Physical Therapy, we strive to provide the most advanced therapy techniques to get you back to a better feeling you.


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