Services for the Injured Worker

We offer comprehensive care for a wide range of work-related diagnoses, injuries, and conditions and excel at Workers Comp cases. Our physical therapy services for work-related injuries are designed to quickly reduce your pain and restore your normal function to rapidly return you to work. We combine physical therapy and rehabilitation principles with sports performance and strength training to achieve positive outcomes within the ideal time frame. Our one-to-one coaching and training is an essential factor in helping injured workers find motivation and the effort needed to break barriers and realize new heights in their rehabilitation program.

For the employer

Both of our clinics are licensed WorkSTEPS® providers. They can perform Jobsite analysis, assist in creating functional job descriptions, post-offer pre-employment testing, and fit for duty testing.

WorkSTEPS® is a program used to assist employers in complying with state and federal regulatory and quality assurance guidelines regarding pre-employment testing, on-the-job injury management, and worker’s compensation claims. It has become a widely accepted system and has been extremely successful regarding medical/legal intervention for industrial organizations.